Need To Sell Land In Virginia? How To Sell Vacant Land The Easy Way

Need to sell land in Virginia?

There are a number of traditional ways that you can sell vacant land, each of which has its own set of pros and cons. More on these in a moment.

And then there's the easy way to sell your land, where you can avoid all the hassles involved in the traditional real estate sales process.

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Vacant Virginia land owners typically attempt to sell their land using the two most common methods:

Listing with a Realtor or selling “For Sale By Owner”.

Let's talk about the pluses and minuses of each.

Listing it with a Real Estate agent is probably the most obvious method as Realtors are trained real estate sales professionals. They will handle the marketing of your property and when interested buyers are found, they will help with negotiating and facilitate a smooth closing.

Unlike selling a house, however, listing a piece of vacant land for sale typically doesn't get near as much attention from an agent as properties that have improvements, or large parcels of land where they have an opportunity to make a big commission.

Listing it will also require you to pay a sales commission when and if it sells.

If you own a small property and want to get it sold quickly, you may be better off selling direct to a land buying company, like Alpha Land Realty, so you can avoid waiting for weeks, months, or even years to sell, paying property taxes during that time, and then paying a commission when it finally does sell.

Selling “For Sale By Owner” is another traditional way to sell your vacant land.

Handling it yourself will save you fees and commissions, but it does put the responsibility of marketing, negotiating, and closing on you.

Before marketing your land “for sale by owner” though, I suggest starting by offering it to your friends and family, maybe posting your intent to sell on Facebook to see if anyone you know is interested.

You can also contact the adjacent property owners and offer to sell it to them so that they can extend their property lines.

But you will have to know how to draft a Purchase and Sale Agreement, negotiate the sale, and setup closing all on your own.

Either of these ways can help you to sell your land, but there is a better way 🙂

Alpha Land Realty can provide you with a cash offer without any fees, handle all of the paperwork, pay all of the closing costs, and close on the date of your choice, saving you from a bunch of hassle.

Alpha Land Realty specializes in buying vacant residential land in Virginia and will provide you with an all cash offer, a quick and easy sale process, and close when it is convenient for you.

Just visit AlphaLand.Realty and complete our “online property assessment worksheet” and we'll provide you with an offer to purchase your Virginia land within 10 business days.

You may also call us toll-free, 7 days a week at (866) 279-3335 and speak to one of our friendly advisers.

Again, you can always try to sell your land through traditional methods. But if you're looking for the easy way, with no commissions or fees, and get it done when it is most convenient for you, contact Alpha Land Realty today.